Thursday, 29 August 2013

Off and Running

So after a summer of hard work it was time to start a new season, this year kicking of in Nottingham for a $5000 event. I was unseeded for the this event but having done a good summer of work with my new coach Rob Owen I wanted to see where I was at.

However hard you train you cant replicate that tournament environment the nerves or pressures you experience are never the same.  The first event back is like your first day back at school when you were younger your excited to see fellow players and ask how their summers have been but you are equally nervous of what is to come.

First up I played Jerome Dadot a qualifier form France, it was our first meeting on PSA (Profesional Squash Association) and I was looking forward to my first game back. I managed to win 3/0 in just over 30mins happy to  get the first round out the way.

Next up was my Gloucestershire team mate Tom
Ford who I often train with and play against in training at East Glos. Just the day before Tom had beaten the number 1 seed and former 39 in the world 3/2. Taking this into account I had a game plan of how I wanted to play and it seemed to work as I won 12/10 11/3 11/8 which put me through to my first semi final!

There I meet Declan James who I have played against all through juniors, the match lasted for 1hr 20mins and I sadly came out on the wrong side losing 15/13 11/9 6/11 16/14. I lost a lead of 8/4 in the second which proved to be crucial but he played the big points better on the day. All in all I am pleased with my performance and I am already looking forward to my next event in Rotterdam!

You can watch my semi final match online by following the link below

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Nutrition X

Having just started a new season and with a good summers training behind me I thought now would be a good time to talk about one of my key sponsors. Nutrition X, a local based company working all over the world support some elite sporting teams including Yorkshire CCC and not to mention Gloucester Rugby!

I have been using there products for a year now and have found their products to have a massive benefit to my training. Firstly I know all of their products are HFL Tested which means I have no concerns or worries if I were to be tested. Secondly it allows me to maximise every session I put in and recover in time for the next one.

The main products I use are MRM (Maximum Recovery Matrix), Hydra 10 and Hypnos. I take Hydra 10 before and during tough sessions as I find it keeps me hydrated especially when I am playing abroad in places where it can be very humid. Also mentally it gives me the confidence I am constantly topping up the fuel I need to carry on playing at the intensity I want.

MRM is what I would take after most session to help my body recover quickly especially if I have another match or session later that day. Again its handy when I am away and I know I can have something straight after a game that works and I trust.

By far my favourite Nutrition X product has to be the Butterscotch Hypnos which is just like drinking milkshake and to top it off its good for you. I would normally take this just before bed if I have had a weights session or tough match during the day. This continues to help my body recover.

Nutrition X have been a massive help to the development of my squash over the last 12 months and I hope to continue that into the coming season!