Thursday, 17 January 2013

Christmas and New Year

Festive greetings to you all, hope you had a nice Christmas and new year and aren't feeling to guilty after a few weeks of indulgence and are back into the swing of things now! No rest for the wicked as they say though and I ploughed through with training over the festive period with my next event coming up in Atlanta, America. The idea of training over Christmas doesn't sound to enjoyable but recently I am enjoying my squash a lot more and it stops my waistline increasing!

I leave Sunday in search of some wins and much needed sunlight, hope your not to jealous. Training has gone well, there has been a large emphasis on trying to get quicker and more powerful, but with just a few more sessions before I leave I am starting to feel the benefits. I am currently in qualifying and seeded to reach the main draw however it will not be easy with a number of strong English players also playing the event. This event is the start of a busy period for myself as soon after I get back from one event I am off to another, I leave for Finland with current temperatures around -25, before going onto the British Closed! Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on how I am getting on!


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  2. Nathan - Paul Watkins told me that you are playing in Atlanta this week and so I'll be there for your first round match tonight (Thursday, 6PM court 1). According to Paul you know some of my old friends from playing squash in Cheltenham, obviously James Watkins but also John Griffin and Jeremy Weston. I hope I get chance to talk to you after your win ;-) - Mark